Wednesday, May 18, 2011

bersawang gila dah vlog aku ni.

Assalamualaikum & salam sejahtera..hey guys.. its been awhile huh. but now im back for blogging. but yeah, it might be for a temporary. i mean, im not gonna blog all the time coz now twitter is more attractive i guess ;) i tweet like alot if you know what i mean. and for those who have my twitter, im sure they're bored with my updates. hehe
anyways, im now opening a new chapter of my life..ignore those old posts. that's my past and i dont have anything to do with it anymore. that chapter of my life has been gone and i swear to God, i dont have time to delete all those posts. im just gonna leave it there. leave it as it is. why should i delete the past when i can keep it away, locked it up and never have to open it back. plus,i never regretted any of it, so i have no points to delete it.

let by gone be by gone most people said. (cewah). im slowly trying to forget you but isn't that easy when i still love you, plus our memories still stuck in my brain. sometimes, it's hard to accept the fact that we can't be the one we love. better be with someone that loves you rather than someone you love, orang cakap la kan. but for me semua orang akan kejar orang yang dia sayang and tak pandang kat orang yang sayang dia. orang kata, do not look for reasons why he ended the relationship. Maybe he has his own reason why he ended our relationship. ALLAH MAHA MENGETAHUI. Right now, im doing great. satisfied being a single. no more string attached, no more jealousy, no more problems with partner and stuff. i can do anything i want and so does he. that's fair for both of us. yeah, maybe things never works out. but life must go on. there's always plenty fishes out there. good stuff never come easily. patience is virtue and yeah, i believe in God that everything that happened always be a reason.

and i got to be stronger like biskut tiger =D and also as usually aku dh dapat keje.
alhamdullilah rejeki rejeki.hehehe
keje ape? haaa itu rahsia. hahaha agak2 SUPERVISOR kah? DIRECTOR kah? MANAGER kah?
ok pape after this aku dh jarang update blog. so sape yg follow my tweet, silakan mengikuti perkembanganku disana follow me at twitter. sankyuu.(atennajeeya) hehehe
bye semua. jumpa lagi dimasa akan datang and masa yg terluang.

p/s: pray for my success for the interview. on what interview? shhhh. :)

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