Friday, May 7, 2010


at last ive done my finals. fourth semester is really giving me a bumpy ride.. so many things had happened. friends come and go.people tend to change.. they tend to leave. drama drama drama is like an everyday issues .
hope things wont changed that much. i do hate it when it turn out to be unpleasant. however,thank god mr Finance sayang was really a super lovable with me just now.. he treated me well. and im 80% satisfied. sayang you sungguh!. haha

sad for not coming back early? not really.
envy with others whom already at home? nope. coz i really need to topup my sleep time. i got to get my rest time back.
wanting to go back klang? of course! but not that excited like before. maybe because im almost 20. adult already.haha.unlike before,keep home-sick-ing so badly.
proud? yup. telling me that im independence enuf. ngee

so yeah,, hope this 2 months of holiday will bring joy to me. lots of things need to be done actually.
firstly, spending lots of time with my pujangga hati baby bucuk and fo sho with lovely family.hee oh how much i miss you guys alot!! ="(((
secondly, my kaca mata. really really need a new one..poor him, x tahu mana dia menghilangkan diri. =(.
thirdly, i need to do some shopping. one month without mall and being stucked in this jungle is quite a survivor okay!. haha.

anyway, happy holiday people. 2 months okay! you have to be thankful.and cherish every second you have in this 2 months with lots of fun!! weee.. and to my rocker senior. kakak yang kaki buli, kaki maki, n kaki maggi..
i will remember you always. i will continuing your rock-ness fo sho! haha..=). nnt aten mesti rindu nk dgr korean songs akak ;((
have a safe and successful journey kakak...! do your best in your degree ok.. oh yeah jgn lupa lukis muka saya! hahaha free of charge taw taw..hee

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