Friday, December 17, 2010

having bbq with the girls.

salam hye hello yuhuu peeps, here i am typing another entry for my blog. want to story about my bbq time with my girls. btw i just back from work, kinda like to sleep. but i have to continue to story bout this. hehe for the guys jgn marah ye ktrg x pggl korg..bkn ape msg2 bz gn hal msg2. nk wat hari lain geng ktrg plak x ade. xpelah next time kite pergi mandi2 plak ok. kte wat bbq kat sne plak. insyaAllah.

why i'm wearing the baju kurung? bcoz i x balik rumah,
adilah n huda pick me up at fruity,
habis kerja terus dtg
rumah husna.

lampu kelip-kelip cam hari raya. hee

adilah's spaghetti. her mum cooked for us.
tq cik normi.
pedas! but sedap. .

and sory lah yew if the photos x berapa jelas.

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