Monday, August 30, 2010

what about you??

updates: yay!! ive changed the background. its simpler than the last time.

anyway, im currently in klang. tadi sahur with them.=) it felt like the old time. ammar's sleepy face really made me smile. makan tak bukak mata pon.

the one thing for sure i like about sahur at home is because there's food to eat. but when im away, like in segamat, i may not eat anything at all. i DO set my alarm clock to wake up for sahur, it'll be only drinking mineral water to keep me from being dehydrated. that's that.

time beli makanan for berbuka pula, i feel like im being restricted. there's a limitations for what and what not to buy. i do want this and that, but because the price is not worth with the quantity i'll get, i end up saying 'takpe takpe, nantila beli kat klang.'
nak sedapkan ati lagi cakap ' puasa tak elok membazir. just beli the necessity. yang lain tu nafsu' hahaha

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