Monday, August 2, 2010

hello OGOS!

hey's 1st august already. yeay! many things will happen in this month.

1. its like something that i cant miss as a student; midterms and quizzes are just around the corner.lots and lots of quizzes and assignments need to be done before the midterm holiday @ hali laya ooo

2. the start of Ramadhan. fasting month. =)) something that really makes me excited. waking up in the morning for sahur and the bazar in the evening with variety of foods lining up is really something special.

3. merdeka! yeahh, independence Malaysia. =)


  1. xpaya balik, dok je kt segamat tu. aku ni tpacak kt serdang ni..baru skali dpt lek jb aw...sedey gile..lps ni tgu raye bru dpt lek..

  2. ko kat serdang ok ah tuh..semua ada kat serdang tu..segamat ni ade ape cik kak oiiiii??