Monday, July 5, 2010

germany is a rockstar.



ozil and mueller

the match between argentina vs germany. germany is so dammmnnn goodddd man.. like seriously. i guess they lovee number 4 huh.. last time against australia and england pon won by 4 right? yay!! then at 2.30 am, match between paraguay vs spain, i didnt watch because i was sleeping already..mmg xpenah tgk pon any match yg start kul 2.30 am..haha and of coz 100% sure spain akan menang..

for the argentina fans..i know u're so all nk sokong team mane pulak lepas ni? hehe especially my bf..u ckp nk msk german kan..yay!! silakan2.. sayang u! :)

for the next match..germany vs spain..n ofcoz saya nk german menang!!

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